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Can You Drink Any Water with Portable Water Filter Straw?

Can you drink any water

Water is the source of our life, and people are inseparable from water. But in the wild, we can’t bring so much water, so how to solve the problem of drinking water? So someone invented a Portable Straw Water Filter. With this in the outdoors activities, you are not afraid that there is no water to drink. In fact, this portable straw water purifier is actually a kind of portable water filtration filter, through this filter, you can also drink very pure water in the wild. How amazing is this outdoor portable water filter? Water filtered by this portable straw water filter, whether it is muddy water in polluted rivers or water in stinky gutters, all can be drunk. Even the water in the toilet can be drunk if you don’t mind the bad smell. If you are in a desert area and there is no water source, you can drink your urine to survive with a portable straw water filter. Let’s take a look at what kind of water you can drink with a portable straw water filter.

Can you drink muddy water with a water filter straw?

portable water filter straw

Yes, with the portable straw water purifier, you can quickly drink any water, anywhere! No matter how dirty the water is, even if it is muddy water on the ground after it has just rained, it can become clean drinking water when it is sucked into the mouth. This outdoor portable water filter uses ultrafiltration screen technology up to 0.01 microns, which can filter out many dirty things at a time. Not only that, but portable water filtration of the straw water filter can also kill 99.3% of bacteria, while also removing heavy metal ions, and also using activated carbon to capture bacteria and viruses that have slipped through the filter element to improve the taste and remove odors. This outdoor portable water filter has many stages of filtration technology, even if turbid water is used in this straw water filter, you can drink it with confidence. It can filter 99% of bacteria in water (E. coli, etc.); Filter 99.9% of protozoa in the water (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.) and reduce turbidity. To what extent can the portable straw water filter purify the water? A pot of freshly baked muddy water, filtered by a life straw, the spit-out water has been obviously clear, and the taste is similar to ordinary water!

Can you drink your own urine with a portable water filter straw?

portable water filter straw

In true outdoors survival, drinking water is always a top priority. If there was a portable straw water filter that could help you filter out all impurities, would you be willing to try to use it to drink your urine in the wild? First of all, there is no doubt that in the absence of other water sources, you can drink your urine with a portable straw water purifier to survive. Because the straw uses an ultrafiltration membrane to filter bacteria and viruses, activated carbon is used to remove odors and improve the taste. The portable water filtration uses the 0.01-micron membrane that only water can pass through, while bacteria and parasites are blocked out. Moreover, as an outdoor portable water filter, it requires no battery, no power supply, and all raw materials are made of durable plastic, which is simple and easy to use. It has been must-have equipment for many outdoor adventure survival players.


At last, it has to be noticed that although portable straw water filter can filter out a lot of bacteria and debris in the water, the taste can not be filtered out very well. So do not challenge to drink dirty water, such as foot-washing water, gutter stinky water, sewers, urine. In short, do not drink that water unless you have to!

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