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How to Buy an Outdoor Water Purifier

outdoor water purifier

The outdoor water purifier is a kind of drinking water security equipment that is convenient to carry when engaging in outdoor activities. With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, and the change of lifestyle, more and more people are keen on outdoor leisure, some hiking enthusiasts in order to save the worry of drinking water on the road, will carry an outdoor water purifier.


The use of outdoor water purifiers is also very wide, mainly suitable for: camping, mountaineering, hiking, fishing, hunting, tourism, exploration, troops, outdoor operations, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.


One is to filter the pathogenic microorganisms in the water through the filter medium to achieve the purpose of disinfection, such as ceramic filtration, fiber membrane filtration, and so on.


Another is to kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the water disinfection methods, such as ultraviolet disinfection, iodine resin, chlorine disinfection, and other ways.

How Does Outdoor Water Purifier Work?

Filtration with Ceramic Water Purifier

The existing outdoor water purifiers on the market are mainly divided into the following types:

The ceramic filter method is mainly used to filter the micropores of the ceramic filter to remove pathogenic microorganisms from the water. The ceramic water purifier is completely made of ceramic high-temperature firing, It has a good use and storage stability, and is the first choice of outdoor water purifier. 


Outdoor water purifiers with ceramic water purifiers as the main technology mainly depend on the filtration accuracy of ceramic water purifiers, and the filtration accuracy is determined by the pore size of the water purifiers.


The ceramic water purifier filtration method is still the main purification method for outdoor water purifiers. Compared with other water purifiers。


  • a water purifier can be repeatedly cleaned, especially suitable for high turbidity of sediment-water, and long service life.
  • physical filtration, instant purification, and immediate drinking, high safety factor;
  • Simple and convenient to use and maintain.


  • Ceramic water purifiers as a single water purifier, the filtration accuracy is generally 0.5-0.3 micron, less than the precision of ultrafiltration membrane water purifier, but some composite ceramic water purifiers can be comparable to the filtration accuracy of ultrafiltration membrane and nanofiltration membrane.
  • A composite ceramic filter element as a terminal direct drinking water filter can only be used for municipal tap water filtration, that is, the water quality requirements are slightly higher
  • The composite ceramic filter element can not filter some inorganic salts and heavy metals.

Fiber Water Purifier for Water Purification

Wakiwaki’s Water Purifier bottle series, Bag water filter series and Water Filter Straw column water purifier are Hollow Fiber Ultra Be (0.1 microns) and Activated Carbon Filter cartridge water purification, backwash, the service life of 5000 liters (1320 gallons).


A fiber filter is a common water purification filter, the advantages of a fiber filter and the water purification effect are two important factors for people to buy。


  • Fiber filter adopts a new type of bundle of soft filler fiber as filter element, its filter membrane diameter of 0.01-0.1 μm, and has the advantages of large specific surface area, small filtration resistance, etc.
  • consumption, large specific surface area, high filtration accuracy, large intercept volume, and high filter bed void ratio.
  • The asymmetric fiber filter has a better filtration effect and lowers replacement cost


  • The pore size of a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is 0.1 μm, and the pore size is prone to pollution and blockage.
  • The filter element needs to be replaced

Ultraviolet Lamp Sterilization

The use of ultraviolet lamps to kill pathogenic bacteria, microorganisms, etc., requires the use of batteries.  The basic premise of using this type of water purifier is that the source water is clean and free from other suspended pollutants.  It is not suitable to use this type of water purifier if the outdoor water source becomes cloudy due to rain or the water quality is not clean.


  • It has a special disinfection effect on Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Do not produce toxic and harmful by-products, and do not increase the TOC content of drinking water


  • No continuous sterilization ability
  • Turbidity and suspended solids in water have a great influence on UV sterilization and reduce the disinfection effect

Mixed Oxidant

A mixed oxidant water purifier uses a lithium battery to produce mixed oxidant with chlorine as the main disinfectant through the water solution of electrolytic salt and then poured into the water to be sterilized, which can purify 0.5-4L of purified water at a time. 


It usually takes about 15 minutes to remove bacteria, 30 minutes to remove Giardia, and four hours to remove cryptosporidium. The water purification principle of this type of water purifier is similar to water purification tablets. The purification effect is related to the purification time. After water purification, it will produce some odor.


  • easy to use
  • Cheap, small and ultra-light


  • Wait between 30 minutes and 4 hours before drinking, and even longer for icy water
  • Taste bad
  • Iodine products are not effective against cryptosporidium, and iodine products are not suitable for pregnant women and people with thyroid diseases.

Lodine Resin Sterilization

Iodine resin sterilization is an early outdoor water purification technology. Iodine resin sterilization type of water purifier must pay attention to its service life because the purification of raw water quality is different, its service life will also have a big gap, in the process of use with the consumption of iodine resin, its sterilization ability will be gradually reduced.

Activated Carbon Filter for Water Purification

High-quality activated carbon is the best water purification material to improve the taste of drinking water, but also has a good removal effect on organic micro-pollutants, generally using activated carbon as the main water purification technology outdoor water purifier is very few.  With this type of water purifier, the water purifier is easily adsorbed and saturated, and its life is short. 

It is necessary to boil the water purifier regularly to sterilize and maintain it frequently.  At the same time, the user must replace the water purifier in time, otherwise, it will produce harm of bacteria exceeding the standard.


  • An activated carbon filter has a strong adsorption capacity, and can adsorption residual chlorine.
  • Can effectively improve the taste of water

What Type of Water Purifier 

Filtered Water Bottle(Squeeze Type)

Look like ordinary water bottles, when used, will need to purify the water into the pot (cup), with the help of hand pressure produced by the pressure air bag/pot body, make in POTS of water over which has the function of water purification filter, and the bacteria in the water, the harmful material such as suspended pollutants be removed, from the outflow of water purifier water mouth is safe drinking water can be directly drinking.

Pump (Piston Type)

Put one end of the water purifier into the water to be purified, and then push the reciprocating movement of the piston by hand, the rainwater, streams, and other natural water to be purified into the water purifier, through the water filter of the water purifier, the bacteria in the water, suspended pollutants and other harmful substances are removed, and the safe drinking water for direct drinking is continuously discharged from the outlet.

Pen Type

Pen-type water purifiers, usually need to use batteries.

Gravity Water Bag

Gravity water bag outdoor water purifier generally adopts hollow fiber filter as the main water purification technology. Suitable for multiple users.

Which Is the Best Water Filter for Outdoors?

People often say: “There is no best, only better” so how to buy a good outdoor water filter?

What Water Filter Do I Need?

  • a source of water: In remote areas where the likelihood of human contamination is very low, we usually just use a water filter straw.
  • be easy to use: If the filtered water is difficult to use, the number of times your filter will be reduced, which will reduce water consumption and increase the risk of dehydration. For us, it is easiest to use a filter that is fast or does not require too much setup.
  • filtration rate: We don’t want to spend too much time filtering water, so filtration speed will be an important factor.
  • Weight: Weight has always been a concern for backpackers. Too much weight increases our load and makes it difficult to carry.
  • Lifespan: outdoor water filters have a service life, especially paying attention to the use of the filter element when buying. It is best to buy more than 1 filter element reserve.
  • Interface Compatibility: Some outdoor water filters are compatible with bottles, bags, and individual use. Therefore, when purchasing bags, bottles, and other accessories, choose to be compatible with filters.
  • Maintaining: Many water straw filters do not support backwashing only backflowing.

Public Praise

  • The voice of the masses often has a certain reference value. Therefore, we can learn about the user experience of the product in many ways when purchasing.
  • The most common method: check the reviews on the official website or shopping website of the product, and learn about the use of the product and the service attitude of the merchants from the reviews(It’s a very effective way to avoid mistakes, )

Production and R&D Capacity

In many cases, we believe that the quality of production in large factories is better than that in small factories. Well, that’s not quite right. For example, the core of outdoor water filtration products is the filter element, so the filtration membrane material and process are the most important. We just need to determine what is the core technology of the product manufacturer’s factory(e.g. Waki’s core technology filters membrane production)。

After-Sale Follow Up

LIn addition to the conventional product warranty and return and exchange policy, the most important is the service response. It is also important that the merchant can solve the problem or provide a solution in a quick and timely manner. Because it affects our mood.

Tripartite Evaluation Data

In addition to the above points, we can also view the third-party testing data, testing units, and evaluation reports of the product on the platform through the network.


Safety and health is an important premise for outdoor enthusiasts, and the safety and health of drinking water is the most important aspect of the premise. Drinking untreated water may lead to infection, dizziness, fever, diarrhea, and other symptoms. If the larvae of the parasite enter the human body and live in the body, it will endanger health, and it must be cured by medical treatment.

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OK, now for the point:how to solve this problem? what is the safest water to drink?

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outdoor water purifier

How to Buy an outdoor water purifier?

The use of outdoor water purifiers is also very wide, mainly suitable for: camping, mountaineering, hiking, fishing, hunting, tourism, exploration, troops, outdoor operations, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.

One is to filter the pathogenic microorganisms in the water through the filter medium to achieve the purpose of disinfection, such as ceramic filtration, fiber membrane filtration, and so on.

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