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Water Filter Straw Replacement

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Replace the filter straw, replaceable filter element (activated carbon filter element and hollow fiber ultrafiltration filter element), replace the filter element anytime and anywhere, do not need to frequently replace the straw, energy saving, and environmental protection.

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Water Filter Straw Replacement

  • Replacement Filter: Wakiwaki upgrade water purification straw both ends can be disassembled. Therefore, we provide replaceable filter elements(Activated Carbon Filter+Hollow Fiber UF Filter) to extend the filter lifespan to extra 5,000 liters (1,320 gallons). You can replace the filter element anytime and anywhere, do not replace the straw tube frequently, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly
  • Smaller Filter Pore Size: The filter pore size of the WS02 personal water filter is 0.1 micron so that it can filter out 99.99999% bact, harmful heavy metals, iodine, chlorine, bad odor, make water tastes better, and even reduce the risk of illness. The smaller the filter pore size, the higher the filtering accuracy. What’s more, WS02 water filter straw can maintain the optimal flow rate (500 ml/min) while the filter pore size is smaller
  • Detachable Function: The detachable water purifying straw also provides convenience for cleaning, use municipal water or pure water can be used for direct flushing and dry store for next use. Innovative backwash design and no extra tools make cleaning easier. The reusable camping water filter does not expire like water purification tablets and does not require batteries, very easy to use
  • More Filtering Modes: Direct use as a personal water filter, also ideal for connecting with soft water pouch or standard disposable water bottles to squeeze get pure water; even add an extension silicone pipe (Tubing NOT Included) on a straw water filter for more distance to drink; plus, as a replacement gravity filter to provide enough fresh water for family & group
  • Multi-Use Emergency Water Purifier: The outdoor water purification system for survival is an ideal tool for multiple purposes such as backpacking gear, hiking gear, travel accessories, camping safety & survival equipment, and emergency preparedness items. Even the survival straw also suitable as gift for hikers

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Warranty Policy

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Details see in the links:

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • We are a manufacturer: We have senior engineers and experts in the water filtering area. We’re focusing on water purifying research and development for more than 10 years.
  • Quality Guarantee: Our outdoor water filter products have proudly passed ISO9001, CE, FDA, and NSF certification early in 2013
  • After-sale service: Wakiwaki offers a 2-year limited warranty (“Warranty”) on all eligible Products

Warm Tips

  • Should be clear that it’s not the more filtering layer a filter straw has the better filtering efficiency it does. As a continuous process, filtration follows from large to small. Each layer of filtration needs to be able to stably remove the target substance, protect the next layer of filtration layer, make the effluent quality meet the design requirements, and ensure the total filtration capacity. Too many filtration stages may result in too high differential pressure, and some filter layers may not be fully utilized.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Water Filter Straw Replacement

  1. C.Watts

    Exactly what I needed. Filters work great and fit my water bottle perfectly.

  2. Denis R. Demers

    I bought this for my brother who lives in another state where he says the water tastes funny. He loves it and also the fact that he can fill it up from any water source that he has access to

  3. Csingr

    Ordered these replacements multiple times for our wakiwaki soft side water bottles and they work perfectly!

  4. liz Davies

    These fit my wakiwaki water bottle and are easy to install. It is a good product, works well and I would recomend them.

  5. Ginger S

    I was glad to find a less expensive substitute for my wakiwaki water bottles. They are the right size and shape, and I expect them to work equally well.

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