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By Max Yang

Is It Bad To Drink Tap Water?

Even though water source cleanliness and hardness meet the specifications set by the EPA, But the city’s water pipes and their water pipes are not at all attainable;

When your home is 30, or 40 years old and the plumbing has never been replaced, or you live in a state where the plumbing is lead plumbing from the last century. Can you imagine how scary it is…

OK, now for the point:how to solve this problem? what is the safest water to drink?

By Max Yang

How to Buy an outdoor water purifier?

The use of outdoor water purifiers is also very wide, mainly suitable for: camping, mountaineering, hiking, fishing, hunting, tourism, exploration, troops, outdoor operations, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters.

One is to filter the pathogenic microorganisms in the water through the filter medium to achieve the purpose of disinfection, such as ceramic filtration, fiber membrane filtration, and so on.

By Max Yang

The Personal Water Filter Straw Most Suitable for Camping and Climbing

Why do we love outdoor travel so much? Because it can let us out of the noise, walk in the forest, and mountains, shield the triviality of life, and relax. A camping or hiking trip can bring us closer to our families, friends, and partners, and can be relaxing and relaxing,

By Max Yang

How Do Water Filter Straws Work?

How Do Water Filter Straws Work  5/5 Water Filter Straws purifies water by Infiltration. Dip one end into the water and suck in the other.  Anything larger than 0.1 micron, or one-thousandth the diameter of…

By Max Yang

How Do You Purify Water in the Wild?

 5/5 How do you purify water in the wild? It is a question that all of us need to consider when we do outdoor activities. In outdoor activities, water is a significant provider of our…


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