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3L Portable Gravity Bag Water Filter


The bag water filter is composed of 0.1 micron hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and filter element, which can remove organic matter, heavy metal, chlorine, peculiar smell, microplastics, etc. Fda-approved, 3L TPU gravity feeding bag can provide you with reliable pure water.

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3L Portable Gravity Bag Water Filter

Product Overview

The Wakiwaki 3L gravity bag water filter is constructed with 100% Food-grade and BPA-free material, we also have FDA certification, and no chemicals are used to filter water, which is really helpful when you have some outdoor activities just like hiking, camping, fishing, and emergency drinking.

Product Features

  • Color: Blue
  • Filter Pore Size: 1μm ceramic membranes cartridge
  • Output: 450ml/min
  • Capacity: 3 liters (0.79 gallons)
  • Item Weight: 2 Ounces
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 27 liters (7.13gallons) Per Hour
  • Purification Method: Hollow Fiber Ultra Membrane, Activated Carbon Filter, Double PP Cotton Fiber, Coarse Filter
  • Features: Removes over 99.99999% Bacteria, Parasites, and micro-plastics; Reduces Turbidity, and heavy metal; Adsorbs chlorine, VOCs, odors; etc.

Product Advantage

4 in Multifunction

  • Suck directly
  • Added a 29.5-inch extension tube
  • Use an expansion interface to connect bottles by
  • Connect with gravity water bag

Widely Used and Easy to Carry

The gravity water purifier weighs just 2.8 ounces and can be completely rolled up to save space in your backpack. It’s lightweight and portable to carry, and it can be hung on outside of your backpack which helps to save so much space for other equipment during outdoor activities, too. Whatsmore, you can make a drink during walking if you hang the Wakiwaki bag water filter on your backpack.

Long Lifespan and Speedy Treatment Time

Our portable gravity water filter has a lifespan of 5,000 liters (1320gallons), for a family of four uses up to 3.5 years. With a flow rate of 27 liters (7.13 gallons) per hour, it won’t slow you down when you’re trying to make miles.

Functional Gravity Bag

Besides the bag water filter system, the included filter can be used in many different ways. Use as a personal water filter straw, or add a 29.5-inch extension tube for more distance drinking. Even connect to a Purifier Water Bottle.

Also, the bag can be matched with Wakiwaki’s Detachable Water Filter Straw.

4-stage Filtration(1-micron Ultrafiltration)

Our gravity water bag made up of 0.1-micron hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, 5-micron coconut shell GAC filter, and 0.2-micron PP fiber filter, removes over 99.99999% bact, heavy metal, chlorine, odors, micro-plastics, etc

Easy to Use and Easy to Clean

  • Superior Backwash Solution: Detachable mouthpiece connects with the common bottle for backwashing, no need for an extra syringe. Realize environmental protection and reuse.
  • Equipped with a water stop valve, water can be produced immediately out of the box

Product Application

bag water filter

  • Emergency/Survival
  • Camping/Travel/Hiking
  • Hunting/Fishing/Boating
  • Family Day Out

Product Parameter

Package Includes

Filter Straw, 3L gravity water bag, Food Grade Silicone Tube, Functional Adapter, Water Stop Valve, Carabiner

How to Use Water Filter Bag Camping

  • Method 1:  You can directly put the intake of the straw into the water source, suck the water and drink it.  If the water source is far away, connect a hose, put the hose into the water, suck the water and drink it.
  • Method 2:  Fill the beverage bottle (prepared by yourself) with raw water, connect it with a straw, squeeze the water bag or beverage bottle, and the water can be drunk. Equipped with an expansion interface, can be connected with more beverage bottles to produce water.
  • Method 3:  The silicone tube is connected with the water storage bag, and the pressure generated by the height difference is used to filter the produced water with a straw, which is convenient for drinking by many people and the water can be drunk.  Equipped with a water stop valve, which can be used immediately.

After use, reverse water from the outlet 2-3 times, backwash the straw and gently throw out the remaining water inside the straw, put it in a cool place for storage.

Shipping & Warranty Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Notes: The package can be delivered where accepts our standard shipping.

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Warranty Policy

Wakiwaki’s 2-Year Limited Warranty Policy applies to all eligible products that are manufactured by Wakiwaki (each, a “Product”), whether such Products are purchased from Wakiwaki or from one of our authorized retailers or resellers. In addition, Wakiwaki offers an Extended Warranty Policy, which may extend warranty coverage on all such Products.


Details see in the links:

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • We are a manufacturer: We have senior engineers and experts in the water filtering area. We’re focusing on water purifying research and development for more than 10 years.
  • Quality Guarantee: Our outdoor water filter products have proudly passed ISO9001, CE, FDA, and NSF certification early in 2013
  • After-sale service: Wakiwaki offers a 2-year limited warranty (“Warranty”) on all eligible Products

Warm Tips

  • Should be clear that it’s not the more filtering layer a filter straw has the better filtering efficiency it does. As a continuous process, filtration follows from large to small. Each layer of filtration needs to be able to stably remove the target substance, protect the next layer of filtration layer, make the effluent quality meet the design requirements, and ensure the total filtration capacity. Too many filtration stages may result in too high differential pressure, and some filter layers may not be fully utilized.

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Q: How often do I need to backwash?

A: You should notice that the filtration process slows down to the point where it may take double or triple the amount of time to filter your water than usual. The gravity filter bag lifespan can be extended by clean water backwashing.

Q: How do you store filters?

A: If you’re going away for a while, or you just won’t be using your gravity water bag with filter, drain the water out of your system and remove the filters. Allow them to air dry, then leave them in a dry and cool place until you plan to use your system again.

Q: Does this have a carbon filter to address the taste?

A: Yes, this portable gravity water filter has a carbon to address that.
Q: Will this filter out salt from ocean water?

A: our gravity water purifier system won’t remove the salt that makes sea water unsafe to drink. Our water filter straw could filter from clear water sources such as lakes, waterfalls, creeks, streams, and river water into drinking water

Q: What is the flow rate? Is it drop quickly?

A: the flow rate is 27 liters (7.13 gallons) per hour, which is three times that of others.

Q: What is the flow rate?

A: The flow rate is 7 gallons per hour, three times that of other brands.

Q: How long does the Portable Gravity Water Filter bag last

A: Our bag water filter has a lifespan of 5,000 liters (1320gallons), for a family of four uses up to 3.5 years. With a flow rate of 27 liters (7.13 gallons) per hour, it won’t slow you down when you’re trying to make miles.


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