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What Is Purified Bottled Water?

Purple Filtered Water Bottle

Do you know what is purified bottled water? Purified bottled water is made by using water that meets the sanitary standards of drinking water as a water source, using distillation, deionization or ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and other methods. It is water that is sealed in a bottle and does not contain any additives and can be drunk directly. Purified bottled water is also disinfected through ultrafiltration equipment sterilization and removal of ions, filling is a closed assembly line. The container is also externalized, and finally by ultraviolet sterilization and ozone sterilization, so it can be stored for a period of time, generally about 12 months.

Where does purified bottled water come from?

1. If it is produced by a national regular manufacturer (with drinking water production qualifications), the purified bottled water of the general water station is sent to the agent by the company, and then transported to the water distribution station by the agent, and used by the water worker to the customer terminal;


2. If it is produced by small manufacturers, it may be that this bottled water is filtered by some commercial purification machines, canned into barrels, and then labeled and transported to customers.

Can babies drink purified bottled water?

I believe many mothers may have the question of can babies drink purified bottled water. Babies can drink purified bottled water, but it is not recommended to drink purified bottled water for a long time. Long-term drinking of purified bottled water will cause the lack of necessary inorganic salts in the body, such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, etc., thereby affecting the normal growth and development of the body, do not drink too many cold drinks and some carbonated drinks, etc., it is best to drink boiled water. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.K. Government’s National Health Service corporation, purified bottled water for infants should meet the following requirements with a lower sodium content: Sodium content should be less than 250 mg per liter of water. Hyposulfate: Less than 250 mg of sulfate in one liter of water. Opt for low-fluorinated bottled water: Most packaged drinking water, even if it is mineral-added, averages 0.11 mg or one part per million of fluoride, which is safe for babies.

Can cats drink bottled purified water?

Improper drinking of water may cause the cat to lack trace elements, or cause the cat to have a stone problem. So Can cats drink bottled purified water? The water that cats drink cannot blindly pursue cleanliness. Bottled purified water or over-distilled water is not suitable for cats. Drinking bottled purified water or distilled water for a long time, cats are prone to calcium deficiency, and the balance in the cat’s body will be problematic. The boiled water can be given to cats to drink, but bottled purified water cannot be given to cats every day. Because of the lack of trace elements, bottled purified water can double the loss of certain minerals in the cat’s body. Cats that drink bottled purified water for a long time may have cartilage problems, and the joints of these cats are often fragile. Plastic bottled purified water can only ensure that there is less harm to the human body, but whether substances such as microplastics are harmful to cats cannot be determined.

Can dogs drink bottled purified water?

Can dogs drink bottled purified water? It is ok to give the dog bottled purified water, but we do not recommend it. In fact, it is best not to give the dog bottled purified water. Because the bottled purified water has been filtered, many minerals in it have been filtered out, which is not much good for the health of the dog. If you want to give the dog drink water, it is best to choose boiled water, which is to boil the tap water first, so that the viruses and germs in the water can be killed, which can ensure the safety of the water and can also be assured to drink for the dog. However, it should also be noted that whether substances such as microplastics in plastic bottles of drinking water are harmful to dogs like BPA cannot be determined. Try to avoid having your dog drink bottled purified water. So be sure to guarantee the material of bottled water.

Therefore, it is ok to give cats and dogs bottled purified water, but it is not suggested to drink it for a long time. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of bottled water to ensure that there is no plastic pollution in the water.

How can I get the bottled purified water?

After learning what is purified bottled water, and some more info about bottled purified water. You may wonder, so how can I get the bottled purified water? You can buy bottled filtered water at the supermarket. When buying, I mainly choose BPA-free water bottles. At the same time, try to buy common big brands to avoid subsequent drinking problems. There is also a way to save money, you can buy a water filter bottle, you can recycle it, just need to replace the filter element on time.



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